Sunday, June 22, 2014

Some Good News and Some Bad News

I know I just posted, and I promise to slow down - with our office work there really won't be much to say after a while.  But there is some good and bad news to post today:

Good News:  We got into our apartment yesterday!
Bad News:  Some of the details of the apartment...

Good News:  Granite stairs lead up to our front door!
Apparently granite is plentiful and cheap here!
Bad News:  There are 38 of them, which is a lot when carrying luggage, lots of groceries, or have just walked a couple miles in the humid heat!  

Good News:  We have Air Conditioning!
Bad News:  It's only in the bedroom and is pretty weak, but if we shut the door it's alt least comfortable enough to sleep!
We are GRATEFUL for this as we are the ONLY apt in
the mission (besides the Mission Home) that has one.

Good News:  We have Hot Water!
Bad News:  It's only in the shower, and if we touch the wires we could get electrocuted!  
The temperature isn't adjustable, but again - we're
the only apartment in the mission with this luxury!

Good News:  We have a big bathroom!
Bad News:  The toilet doesn't flush! (You're welcome for not having a picture for this one)

Good News:  We have a huge shower!
Bad News:  Whoever renovated it didn't plan ahead very well...
Dang - I didn't get the floor - the hole was the best part!

Good News:  I have a new little gas range!
Anyone remember "Suzy Homemaker" ovens???
Bad News:  No outlet that works or source for gas....

Good News:  We have a lot of storage space!

Bad News:  It was all so filthy...

Good News:  We have a balcony!
Bad News:  This is our view...  
The real tragedy is that we're just a couple blocks from the
ocean - wish we could see it!!!

Good News:  The balcony windows have a lock to keep us safe!
Bad News:  Both glass panels can just be scooted to the side.  Oops! 
They can go farther - I should have moved them
farther for the picture!!!

Good News:  We have a washing machine!
Bad News:  It's got an awesome drainage system, but the outlet doesn't fit the plug  (Details, details!!!)

Good News:  Even before seeing the bed I bought a heavy-duty mattress cover.
Bad News:  We really need it!
And this came straight from the mission home....

Good News:  We have a granite kitchen table!
Could-Have-Been Bad News:  It's not connected to the legs - Good thing Craig told me before I tried to move it to sweep!!!!  Scary thought!!!

Good News:  I have a light by my bed, which we can use for our bedroom to minimize the heat when we don't need a lot of light.  And I like to read at night (since I don't have TV...)
I think this also may have come out of the
Suzy Homemaker catalog too!
Bad News:  Apparently it was broken at some point.  And it doesn't have a bulb, but that's an easy fix.
Good News:  Someone glued it.  How nice.

Good News:  We have a freezer!
Not sure we need it, except maybe to stand in
after we walk home, but the Mission Home just
got a new one, so it was available and
brought in for us...
Bad News:  No room or outlet in the kitchen, so it belongs in the living room!


So after moving our belongings in yesterday morning and catching our breath (and maybe one of us had to stop crying) we decided to follow the Serenity Pray and figure out:

What things could not be changed...
As much as I'd like to do something with this kitchen sink
cabinet that is held together by tape...
I just don't know if we dare mess with a "wall" like this...

The Courage (and time and energy and capability) to change the things we can:

We were given the wrong paint, and it ended up looking
"white washed,"  and not painted, but it's clean.
Don't know that he can fix the wiring or
renovation mess, but now it's clean now too!
Don't people die from propane tank explosions???
I didn't say they were all ideal changes!!!
I didn't dare as about the outlet...
So did you know you could pour a bucket of
water into the toilet and it flushes?
If we don't get a washer, I can always wash
clothes like my ancestors did!  Good option!
(Forgot a picture - can you believe it?  The freezer is now in the bedroom... lesser of the evils!)

And the wisdom to know the difference.  The challenge here will be Craig convincing me what plans do and don't have wisdom... Time will tell!

Our Love to All!


  1. Oh my. Well it does look cleaner than what a lot of young elders live in, but it looks so so rough! Sorry!

  2. YIKES. That's pretty bad. Sorry girlfriend!

  3. Mom! You are amazing. Your writing is so clever and funny, I'm just sorry it's about your sad apartment right now.