Sunday, July 27, 2014

Craig's Week!

Craig had a wonderful week filled with amazing (and some difficult) missionary experiences.  Here are a few of the things he did:

  • Got a haircut (first in Brazil - may last the whole mission!)
  • Gave a blessing to a darling sister missionary - one of our favorites
  • Helped the Elders teach a first lesson to two investigators (Ok, so he was there because I had to be there because the women were single, but I didn't help teach.  Just sat there.  And smiled.  But he helped give the lessons)
  • Oversaw some repairs here at the office (part of his job description)
  • Closed two houses for missionaries to live in and opened two more.  (Much more complicated and difficult than it sounds - having to deal with contracts and landlords.  In Portuguese.  Who are far away....)
  • In one day (when closing a contract) he: 
  1. Walked four miles (in 92 degrees, with equal humidity)
  2. Rode the bus (so far he has protected me from those...)
  3. Took a taxi (picture "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride," then make it crazy)
  4. Rode the train (through some sad neighborhoods)
  5. And a subway.  That nobody knew existed!  Well, someone somewhere knew, but nobody in the mission knew about it, as it has just opened and is being kept a secret.  (I don't think on purpose)

  • Taught the lesson in Zone Meeting and oversaw the training (I missed this because I was at the office with a sick Elder who was heading to the airport, but I heard it was terrific)
  • Walked a sick Elder six blocks to the hospital, then paid for him and his companion to take a taxi out to their area when they were finished 
  • Interviewed three baptismal candidates (who all passed!  Hurrah!)
  • Was a Witness for two of the baptisms
  • Prepared an awesome 20-minute talk for Sacrament Meeting
  • Gave an awesome 10-minute talk today in Sacrament Meeting
  • And reconnected with someone from the past:
In September 1966, Craig street contacted and taught the first and second discussions  to a man and his family a week before he was transferred out of Fortaleza.  Craig wrote in his journal, "The Cintras are a great family, but I don't know if they will ever join the church because of the father's Word of Wisdom problem."  Apparently, he overcame it because he is now our Stake Patriarch, after having been the Stake President for 10 years!  All of his children and grandchildren (25) are very active and serving in leadership positions in the church here in Fortaleza!  They are going to be gone for most of August, but will have us over when they get back.  Hopefully more pictures to come with them, but until then:

Taken today outside our church building
So besides accompanying him on some of the above visits, I cleaned the bathrooms at the church during his interviews.  I kept trying to figure out how to get a picture of the "cleaning" supplies without being offensive.  I wasn't able to, but the church now has new mopping rags (compliments of Craig) and next time I go to clean I will take my own supplies, as a broom, a FILTHY rag, and a bottle of alcohol weren't quite the supplies I need to feel like I am being thorough!

Also - we had a missionary in the office this week whose last name was Bishop.  As I always do (just ask my children) I asked about a possible connection.  Turns out, this adorable missionary is the grandson of a first cousin.  (My Aunt Ky's son!)  It was on July 24, and I was feeling really homesick so I sat him and his group down (hey - they were having to wait anyway!) and refreshed in his mind our amazing pioneer ancestors.  Very therapeutic.  For me, anyway!

I asked the Mission President's wife if I could give him
a hug since we are cousins.  I didn't understand her words,
but I did understand that she wasn't amused and the answer
was no.  Dang!  These Elders are so cute I want to hug them all!
It's such a joy to be able to watch people's lives change and see them get baptized.  We are so lucky to be able to do that right now.  I highly recommend missionary work!

Our love to all!


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  2. CRAZY week! That's a ton of work. Poor Craig! Did you quote him the travel poem but insert all of his different modes of travel in one day as you went to bed that night?! :-P

    I'm sorry you couldn't hug the elder - so silly! It's awesome that you found a relative though! So cool!

    & I'm sorry you have to just sit and smile in lessons...I can relate to the frustration from not being able to understand (or fully understand) from our couple of Ukraine/Russian summer trips...only those were short and I was not talking with people anywhere near as frequently as you. So..good for you for still smiling all throughout the lesson! :)

    Sick... those cleaning supplies (or lack of) sound awful!

    Love You!

  3. Mom, you and Craig are amazing! What a week!!! I love the connections you have made and am sure those highlights keep you going.

    We pray for you and hope you are well!

    Love you, Chrissy