Sunday, July 6, 2014

World Cup and the Circle of Missionary Work

OK, so the two are unrelated as far as I know, but those are the two things I want to share this week.

One of my kids said they were anxious for the World Cup to end because it dominated FaceBook right now.  Trust me when I say, it dominates EVERYTHING here!  In case you missed the connection, Brazil played Friday in our very city.  Per Mission President's instructions, we and all other missionaries were in our apt with the doors locked from 4:00 on.  As evidenced by the video below (which I HOPE plays) we could tell that Brazil scored twice.  (We don't have TV, Internet, and Friday and Saturday didn't even have water!  As in no trickle from any tap...)   We eventually could tell - there were firecrackers and explosions ALL NIGHT.  On the way to the office on Saturday morning we passed TONS of garbage as well as five men along the way passed out (at least I hope they weren't dead) on the sidewalk or in the gutter.  Brought to mind Grandpa Dayton's saying, "It's not as funny in the morning, is it?"

There are many interesting things I want to share about life in Brazil, but I'll just tell one funny thing here.  As we were walking to our apartment on Friday before the game, there were all these men in the street "assisting with the parking."  We are two blocks from the Fifa Fan Fest, as seen below, where they show the games and party all night.  (Yes, they covered the whole beach with this money-making monstrosity that has a very strong PA system!)
We went one night - it's crazier than it looks!!!
(We did NOT go when Brazil was playing!!!)
So these enterprising men just randomly pick a part of the public street close to a large event and put on an orange vest or tape an "x" on their shirt and grab a rag to use as a flag, and assign people who want to go down to the Fun Fest a place to park, then charge them for it!!!  The men didn't all agree who "owned" which street curb, so it was quite entertaining, but also a little heated so we walked fast.

Now for the Circle of Missionary Work:  We were with President and Sister Bonini (the new Mission President) visiting in the home of valiant ward members who have served six missions.  Their grown son was there, and it came out that he (the grown son of the hosts) had taught on his mission a woman who ended up going on a mission, and SHE taught the Boninis the Gospel!!!  I should have taken a picture...  I always marvel at how small the church is, and just have to wonder how many of these "coincidences" there are all around us that we don't realize!  It IS a marvelous work and a wonder!!!

I hope to post more pictures and less words next time, but here's one last picture.  As we walk into the little courtyard of our apartment building there's the sweet little garden (pictured below) that I always enjoy.  I commented to Craig how fun to add color to the trees by painting the trunks.  Come to find out, they do that to keep the rats from climbing up the trunks to get the coconuts.  Alrighty then...
Somehow not quite so charming anymore...
I have been very homesick this week, with things going on with my family and missing the Fourth, but I am glad we can serve the Lord and just hope that we can have an influence for good in some way while we're here.

Our love to all!

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  1. Mom, what crazy experiences! I hope now that the soccer craze is over you feel a little safer. Love the painted trees. :) BTW, you were both missed, but our kids (and we ) are learning about sacrifice even more from your examples. So thank you!!!