Sunday, September 28, 2014


As I read Jessie's letters (see I am sad that Craig and I do not have more traditional missionary stories to share.  As I've said before, our missionary work is like a regular 9-5 job - but now we have a TRULY important boss.   Because of the details that we take care of, we have known of a handful of missionaries who have gone home the last few weeks for various reasons.  It makes us so sad.  As do other things we see:  One afternoon this week two of our Office Missionaries spent an afternoon at the airport trying to find an Elder.  He had been serving in another mission in Brazil and was on his way home.  He had a 12-hour layover here in Fortaleza and never got on his outbound flight.  From the conversations he had with the airport employees, it appears he wasn't interested in waiting at the airport for this flight, so we assume he just left.  That was on Wednesday, and we still have no idea where he is.  I hope wherever he is that he is okay and surfaces soon.  The things we see make me so grateful for those missionaries who are valiant, hard-working, and trying to follow the rules.

In addition to our awesome Office Elders (normally there are two, but we have a third this transfer who is training) we have four sisters serving in our ward.  They have averaged one baptism per week since we have been here - they are some of the ones who work so hard, as do the Office Elders.  We're blessed by our association with them.
A couple weeks ago for a birthday celebration.  Besides us,  (l - r)
Sister Walker (US),  Sister Luna (Argentina - former STAKE RS  Pres!),
Sister Lugen (Uruguay),  Sister Ferreira (Argentina)

Sunday Dinner today - oh I long for a nice table
and nice serving dishes!  :)  At least I have a beautiful
light in the living room - connects to a HOLE in the ceiling!  ;)

We were invited to an FHE at the home of one of Brother Cintra's daughters.  (The Cintra family was the second family baptized in Fortaleza.  While Craig didn't baptize them, he is the one who street contacted the father and taught them the first two lessons.  See "Craig's Week," 27 July)  They were very gracious to come pick us up, feed us, let us participate in FHE and bring us home.  The cute girl in front served a mission in San Jose, so she and I had a great conversation while Craig was able to visit with Brother Cintra and learn more about the history of the church here in Fortaleza, and his life story.  It was a lovely evening - Experiences like these are why I wanted to come here.
Leaning tower of Cindy - I was trying not to block Brother Purple Shirt!
We love you all!!!

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