Sunday, September 14, 2014

We Should Do This Every Week!

Some of you may know that Craig had a reputation during his career for his ability to close a deal.  Apparently, that's a talent that crosses over into missionary work!  Two of the darling Sister Missionaries who work in our ward had taught an 19-year-old, Bruno, who had a testimony of the Restoration and the Prophet Joseph Smith, but wouldn't commit to being baptized.  Over the last few weeks, he and Craig have had the opportunity to interact - Bruno even asked Craig if he would like him to say a prayer for him when Craig was sick and coughing, so the two of them left a church meeting and Bruno prayed for him!  Very sweet person.  Anyway, the Sisters asked Craig to talk with him on Thursday, and he ended up being baptized on Saturday.  As you can see in the picture, he asked Craig to baptize him, and he was honored.  During the opening song in Sacrament Meeting today a deacon came up to us and said that Bruno wanted Craig to Confirm him - in three minutes.  Poor Craig had to scramble to remember how to do it in Portuguese.  Unfortunatley, our blessings (including on the Sacrament) are not mic'd, so few people could hear it.  But I'm sure it was wonderful because he gives awesome blessings.  Another young boy was baptized yesterday as well.  Our ward is BURSTING at the seams!
Craig, Bruno, his non-member mother (yes, mother!), an old missionary and
two darling young sisters who we love dearly - Sister Ferreyra (Argentina)
and Sister Lugen (Paraguay)
Craig does not need to worry about his language - when we were in a shop last week the clerk pointed to me and said, "Where is she from?"  NOT "Where are (plural for) you from."  Yeah, his language is amazing!  And I'm still struggling along!

We love you all!


  1. I had no idea this was happening! What an amazing experience and sweet picture. This one's going on the bulletin board. You guys are there blessing lives that only you can touch! Love you!

  2. How neat, Mom! Wonderful Craig. And I love knowing that after these people are baptized, you and Craig are the type who will make sure they don't get overlooked and forgotten, who'll continue being their friends and helping them out. So happy for them and both of you!

  3. Hey Cindy Lou, Its fun and inspiring to see what you are doing. You two look happy! Love you, Beth