Sunday, October 12, 2014

Anniversary and Church Today

Yesterday was our anniversary.  Two years!  Two very full, very wonderful years with a lot of change. We celebrated by getting up early (guess whose idea that was :) ) and walking along the beach (staying on the sidewalk, of course) for over five miles.  It really was lovely.  Then we indulged in a relaxing rest of the day and did minimal P-Day requirements.  We reminisced on our unconventional courtship and wedding (notice, I didn't even pretend we had an engagement) and talked about how things had unfolded the way they did.  If for no other reason, we know we were meant to be married so we could accomplish some of the things we've been able to do here, and more importantly in Boston.

Oops - Craig was too tall for the selfie!
While we spend most of our time in the office, we do a fair amount of walking.  Craig's shoes were new when we left - I don't think they were made for Fortalezan sidewalks!

On our street
Sad!  Good thing he has others!

 I am not sure why, but today there was no electricity at church.  No light.  no mic.  NO A/C!!!  I was impressed that nearly everyone stayed for all three meetings in the sweltering heat (95 outside - who knows what it was inside...) and most of us not hearing a THING.  

Who I CAN'T hold in church!  :(
(Rule for ALL missionaries!)
We were still able to sing the Hymns and take the Sacrament and greet the investigators and new members, and talk to so many people who we are learning to love.  While the logistics and ways of doing things can be VERY different, the church is still true.  We have enjoyed re-listening to some of conference and are trying to incorporate the changes that will bring us closer to our Savior.  We love Him.  And we love you.

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