Sunday, December 7, 2014

He is The Gift

Several weeks ago we got some new Pass Along Cards for the missionaries with a simple picture of the Nativity declaring "He is the Gift" (in Portuguese) and a video site on it.  I thought, "Well, how lovely - a Brazilian Missionary Blitz."  By now most of you reading this know that it is an amazing world-wide media effort.  Last night when I was looking up something on YouTube, (yes, we are allowed to do that!) the "He is the Gift' video was the commercial that came up!  As you know, it was also featured in Times Square.

Two thoughts - I hope people who are not of our faith will start to understand that we are indeed very Christian.  Secondly, my whole life I have been taught that the Gospel would be spread in all the world.  For years I thought that meant our missionaries would eventually knock on the doors of every house.  This is a much more efficient way!  It's so wonderful to be a part of this accelerated work!

I am sure you have all seen it, but if you haven't:
I'm not clever enough to have the button connect you to
the site - hopefully the link below will work instead!  :)

For all the things that we are missing this time of year, it is nice to see RELIGIOUS Christmas decorations displayed by businesses!  

We pass this and several others every evening

Since we are giving no gifts and sending no cards and have no invitations to any get-togethers here, we have the luxury of focusing only on the Birth of our Savior this year.  I'm glad that we know that He IS the Gift!

Our Love to All!

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