Saturday, February 21, 2015


I hate to be a downer after last week's blog, but this has been a pretty slow week, so I will share a few pics that I have accumulated over the last few months.  Actually, there has been some excitement in the mission this week, but I don't have pictures of our newest missionary of one week watching a shooting and then seeing the guy get run over by a car.  Welcome to Fortaleza!  Nor do I have a picture of a new non-Portuguese-speaking Sister Missionary stranded at the airport because someone somewhere along the line moved her flight up two hours and didn't let us know!  Other fun stuff as well, but no pics.  So it will be the week of the formigas!

"Formigas" is the Portuguese word for ants.  Oh, they are tiny, but they are agressive and EVERYWHERE.  I don't know if that is because of the humidity or due to the fact that we have windows in the house with no glass or covering, or what!

When I cook, I play "Beat the Formigas," and try to clean up before word gets out in their community (wherever that is!) that something is up for grabs.  Frankly, I have gotten really good at that.

Every now and then in the evening when I don't clean up juice or sugar as well as I thought I did, there will be a black line in the morning on the cupboard, which is really ants going back and forth.  So gross.  The problem hasn't been as bad lately as it was when we first moved in, but we still have to be pretty conscientious about it!

This was dropped while making dinner and discovered
before dinner even started!

Apparently they like green peppers!
And red peppers!

In Relief Society they used to always hand out little flowers or something with a piece of candy inside for the sisters to take home.  Now I know why the other sisters would eat them during Sacrament Meeting!  (We have RS first)  This was in a drawer in the bedroom, not even connected to the kitchen, and the little buggers found it.  The candy was wrapped, and there was an outside wrapper!!!!  We NEVER have food in the bedroom!
So in our cupboards, besides putting clothes pins on everything, I put everything in ziplocs.  But even then sometimes I will reach in for a potato chip and end up with ants crawling on my arm.  But at least I haven't seen someone get shot in front of me!
Looks sharp, doesn't it?
Craig keeps saying how the one thing he misses the most is donuts, so today (our P-Day) I tried making some spudnuts.  My mom would be disappointed in me the way they turned out, but Craig liked them!  Let's just say the ants didn't have a chance with these!

 All our Love!

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