Sunday, July 19, 2015

Clouds and the Second Coming

Because of the changing weather and amazing thunder storms we have here in Orlando, we get to enjoy such beautiful skies as we drive around this large ward.  Our sunsets are exquisite, and as we enjoy the different cloud formations each day, we talk about the wonders of this earth.
Sunset from the Orlando Temple grounds
A picture can't possibly capture the brightness, but you get the idea!
The brilliant light, like in the clouds above, always makes us ponder and talk about what lies beyond.  Along those lines, a few weeks ago Elder Bean, another Senior Missionary here in Orlando (actually, he's the MD for the Southeast Area Missions), gave a presentation about the Second Coming.  While the whole thing was quite fascinating, I wanted to share the following two slides that list the events that are to take place before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, taken from Gospel Doctrine.  As you can see, almost all of them have been fulfilled.

We have been emphatically told recently that now is the time to Hasten the Work, because His coming is approaching.  At least daily we get in our car after one interaction or another and just cry because the person we just visited does not understand the importance of aligning him/herself with the Work that needs to be done.  We are so grateful to be surrounded (albeit long distance) by our dear family and friends who have the same commitment and vision we do, and pray every day that each of you can continue in your endeavors to prepare yourselves and those around you to meet Him - either on this side of the clouds or the other.

The Church is True!  We love serving as His Missionaries, and We love and appreciate you all!

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