Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy Belated Independence Day!

These last two years have made me realize how much I love the Fourth of July traditions that I have been able to participate in for so many years!  This year was a little more familiar than last year, but still different from what we usually do.  We were invited by some great people in the Ward to go to the beach to watch fireworks.  I was dying to do that, but duty called and we were not able to go.  

We were happy to start the day at a Ward Pancake Breakfast.  Each doing what we do best.  (Haha!)
Show them how its done, Craig!

ADORABLE, AMAZING Sister Missionaries!
Well, two out of three, anyway!
(Seniors have different clothes rules!)
Even though our country struggles in many ways, we are still grateful to be Americans, and especially this year we are grateful to be living here!  As we listened to the fireworks from our apartment, we watched some videos about the Founding Fathers.  Instead of making fortunes from their political endeavors, they lost their fortunes.  We are so indebted to them for sacrificing everything they had so we could have the freedoms we enjoy!

The Gospel is True! We Love Being Missionaries, and Love All of You!

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