Sunday, September 6, 2015

Christmas Year Round!

There is a "Fort Christmas" that is within our ward boundaries.  It is a replica of a fort that was built on Christmas Day during the Second Seminole War.  Every time we are out that direction the display that welcomes one to the entire neighborhood area (not the fort), as well as the street signs make us chortle.  Not quite like the Christmases we are used to!  
It will be this green and lovely in December, too!!!

My I-Pad is full of pictures of our sunsets and clouds.  I really could make every blog about our skies.  I will at least share a couple I can't keep to myself:
Such amazing color! 
Our temple at sunset!

As for the missionary work - We have almost made it through our 200+ "Finding List," and we continue to be able to help in other, unexpected ways.  We have been a little discouraged at the way some people use their free agency, but one happy little note:  The little baby who Craig blessed last week had a successful surgery, though he has more struggles ahead.  But his mother has asked us to find an LDS home where he can be babysat, rather than the (what sounds like) exclusive Day Care she had picked out.  (She is a Hilton Executive.)  So we are looking for that special family who can care for him and love them both.  And we  continue looking for those last very lost sheep who are hiding...

The Gospel is true!  We love you!

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