Sunday, September 20, 2015

Serving in the Church

One of the things that makes our Church so unique is the lack of hierarchy and jockeying for positions.  There are certainly positions of authority that we need to respect, and among the General Authorities there is hierarchy, though not because those men have "worked hard to get there", or applied for any positions of leadership.  They just serve where they are called.

Recently we have been blessed to see two examples of serving in the Kingdom, without concern about one's position.  We have had serving in our mission a senior couple who went home this week after 18 months of being Member Leadership Support (MLS - what we are) Missionaries.  In their first area, their expertise was not only not appreciated, but not wanted.  They patiently worked with whatever members they could for about a year before being transferred and having some great success in another ward that was excited to have them.  Not necessarily a unique scenario, except that before coming on this mission, they had already served as a Mission President and Wife in Italy.  I don't know many other organizations where a man would go from being in such a situation of authority, to then volunteer to be a minion in the same organization. As they said when I brought this up, "It's all service to the Lord to build His Kingdom.  It doesn't really matter where we serve."  We have great love and respect for the Boyntons, and appreciate their examples. 
We will miss them, but appreciate the opportunity to get to know them!
My darling sister-in-law spent the last 40 years associating with the leadership of the Church.  She served diligently and lovingly as the supportive wife of an Apostle.  Now that he has died, she has accepted a new calling - that of Primary Pianist!  At the age of 82!  Another stellar example of true service in the Kingdom!  
The only recent picture I have of Barbara Perry happens to
be with 8 of my grandchildren - I wasn't about to crop them out!

And a picture from a sunset this week from our apartment's window.  We are usually out "finding" when the sun goes down, but happened to be home to catch this exquisite sky!
Our skies are our reward for dealing with daily rain showers!
The Gospel is True!  We are honored to be missionaries!  We love you!

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