Sunday, December 13, 2015

You Never Know Who's Listening!!!

This week we were visiting one of our sweet little sisters.  She lives with her daughter's family, none of whom have been thrilled to have her there, and even less thrilled to have us visit.  We can go only when we feel strong enough to handle potentially uncomfortable confrontations.  Our "Conference Talk du Jour" that we shared as we visited in homes this week is the one by Elder Aoyagi, "Hold on Thy Way."  We read most of it to her, discussing along the way how it applies to her and her MANY trials, and commenting on how she is indeed enduring WELL her tests.  Shortly after we finished, her scary daughter came in the room and said, "I started coming into the room and heard the sermon you were reading and the lesson you were giving and just stopped around the corner to listen to it."  Because she just glared at us after saying that I said, "We hope we didn't say anything that was contrary to the beliefs of your home."  (I don't know if that's the right thing to say or not, but it was better than my original thought of, "Please don't hurt us.")  Then she hesitantly said, "That was very beautiful.  Thank you."  We thanked her for letting us come in her home (at least, I think we did - I was just trying to keep my chin off the floor.)  This may not sound like any big deal, but if we could give more details (we TRY to be discreet on this blog) you would see this as a MAJOR break through.  We were so grateful that the timing and message all worked together to soften her heart!  Ah the miracles that happen when you share the Gospel!!!

Most of you have snow outside right now.  You can see from the pictures taken this week on our walks (yes, we have no pride - sharing pictures taken while exercising!!!) that we do not.  Florida is as green and gorgeous as ever!
Wouldn't it be nice if ALL the dangers that surround us daily
were as clearly marked as this "Beware of Alligators" sign is?

A couple of Recent Converts - we're SORT of
converting into dog lovers!  :)
The Gospel is true.  This is such a wonderful time to share the knowledge we have, and the love we have for our Savior.  We hope each of you will take the opportunity to invite at least one non-believer to "come to the manger" and worship Him.  We love you!

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