Sunday, October 2, 2016


This last Monday (our p-day), we were able to go to the "Lake District," which is about an hour north of us, and a popular destination for the British to take their "holidays."  The good news is that most of the tourists were gone, so it was not very crowded.  The bad news is the reason most of them were gone is that it was a little cold and rainy (it is still England, after all) and the purple heather that covers the hills has died, leaving dead brown leaves in its place.  It was still exquisitely beautiful.
There were miles and miles of scenery like this.

The other miles looked like this!  Such exquisite beauty, that my little iPad cannot do it justice!!!

John Taylor was born in the Lake District.  The exact location of his birth is not known, but the home in which he lived during his childhood has been documented, and the Church placed a plaque outside the gates to the home, where people still reside.

We were taken on this fun little trip by some of our heroes.  We have met many people here in whom we stand in awe - these are two of them.  They are the Galbraiths, originally from Sugar City, Idaho!  They have served in Siberia, Russia as Mission President; in Kiev, Ukraine as CES missionaries; in China for a year on a Church assignment; back to Kiev, Ukraine as the first Temple President and Matron of the Kiev Temple; and now here as Temple Missionaries.  When I asked Sister Galbraith why they chose to come here she said, "Well, our plan to go on a mission to Turkey didn't work out, so we ended up here."  Yeah.  That's what I was wondering.  Not why they decided to go on ANOTHER mission.  They are amazing, humble followers of Christ, (and grandparents to 66!) and we are honored to work (and play!) with them.
With the Galbraiths in Keswick, in the Lake District.  Darling little town.

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  1. The Lake District is beautiful! I'm so glad you have such wonderful people to serve with.