Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sister Kopecna

(Pronounced Co-pech-na; accent on the second syllable)

There are so many people in the Temple here who we love and who have become our heroes.  Meet one of them - Sister Kopecna.  We actually mentioned her several months ago right after we arrived here in England.  When we first met we realized that 13-ish years ago in the Czech Republic she was taught the Gospel (and if we remember correctly, also baptized) by an Elder who grew up in our Ward in Provo - Aaron Robison.

Sister Kopecna's life revolves around Family History and Temple Work.  She is a 30-something single woman who works during the night so she can come to the Temple during the day.  She is an Ordinance Worker in the Temple two days a week and spends most of her other waking hours doing Family History and attending the Temple.  Even though she gets nervous putting her head under the water, she was baptized a few weeks ago for 104 Sisters in one session!!!  She brings stacks of cards with the names of her relatives for their work to be done in the various areas of the temple.  Most of their names are quite a challenge for us (and are filled with Slavic alphabetical accents), so we always know when we have a "Sister Kopecna card!!!"  

She cannot comprehend that some members of the Church have not embraced the Work.  "I see my old mission companion on Facebook - She is going here and going there, yet I never see her in the temple and she lives so close.  Doesn't she know that Temple Work is all that really matters in life?"  "When I get up each Testimony Meeting and talk to my Ward about the importance of Family History and Temple Work I see that they are bored with me.  But that is the only thing that is really important.  How do they not understand that?"

I'm so glad that I ran into her the other day OUTSIDE of the temple so we could get a picture to add when we introduced her.  She's amazing!
We were laughing because the WIND kept blowing us into each other!

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