Sunday, May 7, 2017

Connecting to Power and the Power of Thank Yous

A brilliant (in both the British and American use of the word!) man spoke in Church last Sunday and told of a friend he had who wanted to buy a house in the country.  He found the perfect home in a remote, wooded area that was only a few years old.  He realized, though it seemed ideal, the house had never been lived in.  The owner explained to him that when he built the home he had been told that the county had plans to extend the power lines from town out towards his location.  But they never did, rendering all the outlets and otherwise-perfect appliances useless - unable to fulfill their intended roles.  The speaker likened that to our ability to access real Power from above.  We have such capability to do amazing things, but if we don't "connect" to the only true Power, we will never be as useful as we could be, or reach the amazing potential we each have. 

Our temple trains Stake Presidencies and Bishoprics and their wives in various areas of the temple to help on a limited basis - just when their stake or ward is assigned to attend.  We have had the privilege of training some of these limited-use workers, and have really enjoyed the opportunity.  This has been a bit of a hard week for us for various reasons, and yesterday one of the couples we had trained, who live a ways away, came to the temple with a Thank You for us.  While we hadn't done anything out of the ordinary for them, they just wanted to thank us for training them and for the work we do in the temple.  We were so grateful and overwhelmed and reminded how a Thank You can really lift spirits and give us the emotional boost we need.  THANK YOU, McAlisters!  We (ok, maybe one of us more than the other) really needed that!!!
After receiving these chocolates today, I got an unrelated note from my sister
suggesting I get Thornton's Chocolates, as they are the best in England!!! 


  1. Oh, that just makes me so happy that you were appreciated (and that you were told so!). Bless their hearts for thanking you!!! And cool power analogy. :)

  2. Another amazing analogy from your blog.
    I'm so glad you received some thank you'd. How rewarding! (Also you look gorgeous!)