Sunday, June 4, 2017

Double-Sided Blessing

These last few weeks we have been able to have a different assignment in the Temple that allows us to oversee and often assist patrons at the end of each session.  (Trying here to be careful in what we write and not use wording not appropriate out of the temple!)  The first week we were there, I assisted an older sister who had been an Ordinance Worker for years, but because of memory struggles associated with her age is no longer a Worker.  She comes often to the temple, but in this one area she had quite a bit of trouble remembering verbiage that she used to know so well, and needed my assistance.  I ached for her and could not hold back the tears as she turned apologetically to me and said, "I am getting so dumb." 

As we get older and less capable, there are a lot of things that we are no longer able to do, or do well.  Our society is not particularly interested in helping the aged feel valued.  But participating in the temple ordinances CAN be done by those who struggle physically and in other ways.  As I looked at a recent session with two patrons in wheelchairs, two walkers (they're used a lot here) and three canes (out of about 15 people on the session) I thought about how loving Heavenly Father is to have 150 temples around the world where older and physically disabled people can come and not only be useful, but do some of the most important work that can be done on this earth.  It is a place where they can be contributors, be productive, and still have purpose and focus in their lives.

We are so grateful for the example of so many who are truly enduring to the end - not just by "hanging on," but serving in such an important place, performing redeeming ordinances for those who cannot do it for themselves.  Some come at great inconvenience and difficulty. Some are in excessive pain.  Some are embarrassed at how they look or what they don't remember.  Some are apologetic at the extra help and care they need.  But they are here.  And we are grateful that they are and hope we don't ever forget their examples. We love being part of this great work.

More flowers from last week.  These Peace Lilies are HUGE!

We're going to miss these unique streets!


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  2. I love that message Sister Evans! You and Elder Evans are amazing!
    -Aaron Fjeldsted

  3. So sweet! I love your pictures and experiences you share. You've always shown me how to love the elderly. They are the main ones that ask about you in the ward. They love and miss you! So do I!

  4. Such a great reminder, Mom! Thank you. Your example to us growing up definitely taught us that you stand behind your words. Love you both!