Friday, January 24, 2014

New MTC Date

After hearing contradicting projections about our visa from the Senior Missionary Department over the last couple weeks, we got the official word this week that our visas would NOT be here in time for our original MTC date of February 17. We had the option to wait "another rotation" for visas, or ask to be reassigned. Because of Becky's wedding on April 25, and because we really do want to go to Brazil, we have asked the diligent Missionary Dept to keep working on our visas, and to give us a new MTC date of May 5. So that is now our new date---10 months after getting our call, 8 months after our listed "availability," and 3 months after our original MTC date that seemed so far away when our call came! As soon as we get our visa, or get reassigned, I'll post!

1 comment:

  1. Kind of crazy to me still that you are going! All these delays make it seem like it is just not real. It will probably hit me the first time I visit UT and you're not there! I'm so excited for you both though! I hope it is Brazil and that you feel as prepared as possible by the time you leave. :)