Sunday, May 25, 2014

First Full Week

And was it ever full!  I really want to keep these weekly posts brief - that's going to be a challenge this week!

The first thing we did this week was spend 30 hours cleaning our apartment, which the cute Elders had already spent 3 days cleaning.  Oh my...

At least I could see progress, and tell where I had cleaned!  :)

BEST cleaning partner ever!
Between the two highlights of the week (which aren't the above) we visited with less active branch members and nonmembers.  Our branch is primarily lovely immigrants from Brazil.  They have to work so hard, but are so willing to share with us; some insisting on feeding us.  And "us" includes the two adorable sister missionaries who are also assigned to the branch.  They have a car, so not only are they introducing us to everyone and setting up appointments for us, they are also our chauffeurs.  (Next week we'll do more on our own.)  They are both from Utah Valley and grew up bilingual and are amazing - more on them later...  Craig was able to give two blessings - one to help an investigator quit smoking.  He's worked with missionaries before, and knows the church is true and wants to be baptized, but hasn't been able to quit smoking.  Craig bought grapefruit juice, mouthwash, Vitamin C, etc to help in his cessation.  Please pray for him this week that he can overcome this and get baptized - Reginaldo!  Our frustration with visiting people is not only that they're not available until after 5, but our branch covers a large stake, and we spend a lot of time getting from one visit to the other in the limited time we have...

On Friday there was a rare all-mission conference with Elder Holland.  Three hours long, and it wasn't nearly long enough for anyone there.  After he left everyone sat quietly in the chapel for a half hour, not wanting to leave the spirit that was there... and that was after sitting quietly for almost an hour before!  Elder Holland talked about the importance of the missionaries staying active after their missions, Preach My Gospel, and how to teach on people's level.  What a Master Teacher with an overwhelming spirit!!!

On Saturday we walked a half a mile, took the subway, then a bus, then walked another half a mile to get to the Temple.  (1.5 hours to go 8 miles - more on that later too!)  As we walked through the gates, the harshness of the world faded, and we were met not only with exquisite flowers, but an overwhelming spirit of peace that brought me to tears.  It's a beautiful temple, and we were set apart as ordinance workers, and will do a Wednesday morning shift!  I am so excited.  So if you've been praying that we'll get our visas, you can take that out of your prayers for a few weeks!  (Craig read this and asked that you leave it in!!!)

Such a lovely way to greet temple visitors!

Now this is "Our" Temple!
Goal for the week - Learn Portuguese!!!  All discussions and conversations on our visits are in Portuguese - they ask for my input and translate... I just hope I'm testifying on what applies at the moment!!!!

Have a wonderful week, and please remember to pray for Reginaldo!

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  1. What a neat week! That temple is so gorgeous. Sounds like you are so busy and doing so much good. Love you!