Sunday, May 18, 2014

We Made It!

The MTC experience was wonderful.  The first week we worked in Preach My Gospel; the second week we learned the church's office systems.  While we're comfortable in an office setting, and look forward to helping there, we're glad for this temporary assignment.

We had initially been told we'd be in Rhode Island, but we've been assigned to a Portuguese-speaking Branch in Cambridge.  We have no vehicle, but will use mass transportation and our feet to get where we need to go.  We arrived last night, and have been in Portuguese-speaking church meetings all day. I really need to work on the language!!!!!

So the one thing I forgot to do before we left was to get a quick Blog tutorial from one of my kids.  I apologize for the awkwardness and inconsistencies in the following....  I'll learn!

Our Favorite MTC Teacher
(Newest son-in-law, as of three weeks!)
Our Favorite MTC Speaker
NOT our Favorite Part of Anything!!!
(I'm not sure why Craig packed so much more than I did!!!  :) )
Our Apartment entrance in Cambridge
Our lovely Church Building - the Missionaries told
us it's the Costliest Chapel in the World!
(Craig's loving all the pictures I insist on taking! NOT!)

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  1. Ignore Craig and keep taking the pictures - we love seeing all that you are able to experience out there!