Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cindy said it's my turn to write this here we go!  This week was filled with "unusual" activities that included two Zone Conferences with a visiting Seventy (Elder Mazzagarrti), the release of 6 Elders and Sisters (including one of the Assistants)
and the arrival of 6 new Elders and Sisters (one of the sisters is 35 years of age) and our regular 6-week transfer (we have a new Elder to train so the current secretary  can be sent back to the field full-time, and a new Assistant).  Cindy had a headache most of the day on Thursday so I got to go alone to the Zone Conference and "feed the masses" after the conference--the Sisters take very little food and the Elders take as much as we will give them so that does not differ much from meals with the 'fam'.  We also had our annual full financial/procedural audit with the Church Audit Department from Sao Paulo--we did very well except for not having smoke/CO2 detectors in all the apartments--the death of the two missionaries in Taiwan has really increased awareness of potential problems.

Imagine this same beach being twice as deep with less than
 6 buildings all with less than two stories--that would be the
 Fortaleza of 48 years ago!

We continue to teach a few investigators with the Elders and Sisters and are looking forward to one of them being baptized next week-end.  We love the missionaries here and are anticipating making "several" changes to the look, feel, and procedures of the office now that we are "officially" in charge as per our last staff meeting with secretaries and assistants.  We want to help the Elders and Sisters feel loved and appreciated for their hard, faithful, diligent efforts.  We love all of you very much and are so pleased with your willingness to help and support each other with new babies, traveling spouses, family health issues, etc.

So as the sun sets quietly in the West we say Tchau from the beaches of beautiful :) Fortaleza by the sea. 

Our favorite time of the day in Brasil

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  1. Oh, seeing that beach kills me for mom. :) What a crazy, busy week! The elders and sisters are so lucky to have you both, your support and your hard work! Crazy to think of Fortaleza so different years ago!