Sunday, August 24, 2014

Grocery Store and Prayer

Again - Not related.  But the good news is there are lots of pictures this week!

I have been somewhat chastised for appearing to be negative about our experience here - That is not the intent.  Even though I have lived in a foreign country before, I still find the differences we find here most interesting, and guess I assumed others would too.  

Each time I go to the grocery store I find it intriguing, so I have sneaked a picture now and then (much to poor Craig's embarrassment, but I am subtle!) and will share a bit of what we see when we go.  
Six kinds of bananas - more on the other side of rack
Eggs not refrigerated - we DON'T lick the batter spoons...

And some different eggs too! - Haven't tried!

Biggest flour packages available!  Good thing I
don't need to make bread!

But lots of large pkgs of Rice and Beans!  :)

So this may be more of a difference between
Brazil and Utah, not the whole US...

But these two pics show HALF of the Alcohol aisles

And this is the TOTAL baby section,
except for a few diapers with the tissues!
People here have FEW children.  :(

Produce not always the best - we bought no Red Leaf that week!
When we do get fruit and veggies we soak them in a
Chlorine solution for quite a while before eating....

We can buy a few things from home..
This costs about $5
Good thing we don't like Split Pea Soup!!!

About $10 for this small bottle - I will
admit we have bought some!!!

Or we COULD try new things like Pig Entrails!
If only they weren't so expensive!  

Or Chicken Hearts - You don't have to wait to cut up a
whole chicken to get one!  What a deal!  :)

Speaking of Price - we missed Old Navy's
Flip Flop sale, darn it! ($11 and they're thin!)

We get to carry all our groceries home to our apt,
which is a mile away!
(Is Craig so patient about my picture taking or what?!?!?!?)

I think this perspective does not show how much we carry!
That was a HEAVY Papaya and large bottle of Grape Juice!
Yes - the milk cartons are not refrigerated either...
(Don't judge - the Chips were for the Elders!) 

Missionary Update:  So our wonderful Luciane (pronounced Lou-see-ahn-ee, accent on the "ahn") is so receptive to everything we tell her.  Our adorable missionaries had not yet covered Tithing, and today that was the topic in Gospel Essentials AND Sacrament Meeting.  I think she was a little shocked, but we'll talk more with her about it on Tuesday.  Even though she has been receptive, she has not received any strong answers to her prayers because she won't ask direct questions in her prayers!  She says she feels guilty asking Heavenly Father for anything when she already has so many blessings.  That is such a sad perspective to me!  It made me so grateful that I have ALWAYS felt like I could ask Him for anything - any time.  I remember when I was in high school I lost a ring that my father had given me from his time in Thailand.  I believe it was the only thing he personally ever picked out just for me before he died.  As I prayed to find it, I had the strongest feeling that Heavenly Father cared and understood that even though it was a small earthly possession it had great emotional meaning to me, and I was able to find where it was WELL hidden.  (Of course, that is not the only answer to prayer that I've received, just one that was answered more quickly and more miraculously than some others!)  We hope Luciane can realize that as His child, He wants her to rely on Him and feel free to ask for help.  She's changed her baptismal commitment date to Sept 7 - we'll let you know!  The missionaries in our ward have baptized one or two people a week since we arrived, so our ward is growing!  We're just honored when we get to be a part of these investigators' teaching!

Craig is feeling better - he made it into the office two days this week.  We have a financial audit for the mission next week in addition to transfers and a Visiting Area Authority, so I hope he continues to improve quickly!

Our Love to All! 
(Another P-Day Sunset - YAY!!!)

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