Sunday, October 26, 2014

You Never Know!

Before I start, I will tell you that Craig still has his kidney stone - it's been a hard week of ups and downs with A LOT of pain, but he is feeling better today, so we're thankful for that!

About ten days ago I was feeling a little discouraged that we are not able to do more traditional missionary work.  We go out with Missionaries from time to time, and Craig is awesome at "closing the deal" (his career skills have transferred to mission work!), but for the most part we do mostly clerical work.  We are happy that our endeavors free up a set of young Missionaries to be in the field, and helps the remaining two Elders still in the office with us to have more time to study and to proselyte.  But I was still feeling a little sad that we weren't able to do more.  I specifically prayed one night that I could know that our sacrifice was acceptable, and that we were indeed adding to the Work.  The next few days, not only did Craig get his new calling (see last week) but we heard the following:

One Elder, who does not work in the city where we work and live, while waiting in the office for a visit with the Mission President, said to me, "Oh Sister Evans - I almost forgot to tell you.  We had an investigator who we worked with for a long time.  He read the Book of Mormon and knows it's true, but he just didn't feel the need to get baptized so we dropped him.  A few days ago he contacted us and said that while he was in the city passing this building (where the Mission Office is) he saw an older missionary couple come out holding hands and looking so happy and he was overcome with a feeling that he wanted to have what they had, and to accomplish that he needed to be baptized.  So we've set a date for his baptism."  Just to clarify that I am not jumping to conclusions: we are the only Senior Missionaries (and BETTER be the only ones who hold hands!!!) except for the Mission President and his wife, and they always drive to the office and use the back entrance, where the parking lot is located.  I think I horrified the poor Elder by how tearful I was.  Of course, I was happy to hear that we had helped, without even realizing it, with this person's commitment to get baptized.  But more than that I was so grateful for such an obvious answer to my prayer.  And of the reminder that you just never know who's watching......

A few days later one of the Sister Missionaries in our area said, "Elder Evans, we approached a lady on the street and asked if we could visit with her.  She let us into her home and said that the only reason she did was because 'there is a tall, older Missionary who comes into the bakery every day where I work, and he is always so nice and pleasant'."  I don't know if anything will come of that, but I am glad to know that Craig's daily bread run is accomplishing more than just getting me my daily carb fix!  Again, you never know!

I am not only reinvigorated and recommitted, but I am so humbled that Heavenly Father would answer my prayer so quickly and so directly!

We haven't been able to watch a sunset in so many weeks, but did last night.  Apparently super windy conditions and taking a picture into the sunset do not make for the best selfie, but here's a picture to end the week on!

We love you!
Really - it was WINDY.  We left looking decent! :)

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