Sunday, November 2, 2014


We had an experience of a lifetime yesterday.  President Bonini called on Friday night to invite us to go with him and his wife to a distant Branch for a baptism.  The President invited Craig to join him in baptizing in the ocean, as the small chapel (really just a home) had no font, and there were no close lakes.  Craig thanked him and accepted, but had no intention of doing any baptisms since he is not a real swimmer and has never been super comfortable in the ocean.  Once we were there and the President realized Craig "forgot" his baptismal clothes he insisted Craig use his clothes to do all the baptisms.  President Bonini has never baptized in the ocean either, and was so gracious to do this.

So something I wouldn't have thought of, but realized after there were several failed attempts to baptize:  It's hard to immerse with the level of water constantly changing!  After the eighth prayer for the first baptizee, Craig waited for the wave, got all the air out of the guy's jumpsuit, and THEN baptized, rather than going under water right after the prayer, which never seemed to coincide with the wave.  Just a hint in case any of you get this amazing opportunity!  The other people were all immersed on the first try - some with Craig emulating Alma by going under himself with the person getting baptized!

This, of course, couldn't have happened without four dedicated, adorable Sister Missionaries who walk every day on incredibly uneven cobblestone streets and live far away from any other Missionaries.  My love and admiration for hard-working, committed Missionaries is impossible for me to explain.
Street view of the Chapel

Courtyard of Chapel - Saints gathering

Very sweet Spirit during the meeting - Wonderful people!

The walk to the beach

We had the beach all to ourselves!
Angel Missionaries and New Members
S. Figuerdo (Brazilian), S. Hoggard (PA), Alexandro,
Family Costa, Victor, S. Meiss (Tx), S. Gauna (Argentina)
Checking conditions - water was WARM!
(Sorry, but notice the awesome sand!)

Didn't the witness on the right know my
pictures would turn out better if he had
worn a white shirt?  :)
They had to go out pretty far!
This is zoomed up

So sweet!

Magical, or what?

Hope this doesn't detract, but had to throw it in!
Truly, an amazing day that I am sure we will never forget!

Our love to all!


  1. Wow!!! Amazing! What a cool experience & what a sweet President you have to have Craig do them all and use his clothes. Gorgeous pictures too - what a lovely looking beach.