Sunday, November 16, 2014

Gutters to Legoland

This week was filled with "missionary activities".  Cindy and I were basically in charge of two Zone Conferences (over 250 people in total) which were held on Wednesday and Thursday.  Both were wonderful and very inspiring for the missionaries and Cindy gave a wonderful Power Point presentation totally in Portuguese--her Spirit speaks louder than words!!

For the first time since our arrival in Brazil, we watched 20 Sisters and Elders return home without having any missionaries coming to replace them.  We are losing an Assistant, 3 Zone Leaders, and several Leader Sister Trainers.  These are wonderful young men and women who will add tremendous strength to their home wards and stakes.  We will also be losing our beloved Elder Zwick, our office stalwart, on Tuesday of this coming week as he will be sent into the field full time--we will miss him greatly but he will be a wonderful leader in the field.

We wanted to give you some idea of the highs and lows of the area in which we walk, work, and proselyte each day.  Hopefully these few pictures will give you a better understanding of the contrast we experience daily.

This is a very common view as we walk
around our ward and office area
(Though the actual shot is compliments of Google!)

Cindy wanted me to stick my head out of our 16th story
window to give you some perspective.  She did not
anticipate that I would try to climb out onto the
air conditioning unit:)  (Editor's note - he gave me a
heart attack!!!!)

This picture is a little more attractive, mainly because
Cindy is in it!  Notice how all the building look the same--
they appear to have been built out of legos!!!

This picture was taken at dust and gives you a better idea
of the city's size.  Since dusk occurs at about 5:30PM we
get to see this type of view FREQUENTLY!!

We are so grateful for all the love, prayers, and support in our behalf.  Serving in the mission field is a wonderful and fulfilling experience.  Our testimonies of the Savior and a loving Heavenly Father have grown and strengthened as we have been blessed in this very important work.  

We love you all so very much!!!!!

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