Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Little PS to Last Week

I contemplated not writing this week so that last week's entry would still be the first one that comes up for another week, since I loved the event and love the pictures so much.  But we promised our kids that we would send our weekly letter via blog, so here's a little more about last week.  The non-baptism part.

President and Sister Bonini took us to a typical Brazilian restaurant on the beach last Saturday before the baptisms.  Craig and I have eaten out only four times since we arrived five months ago, because we are not sure what happens in the kitchens...  (Three of those four times were at the same place!)  So it was nice to venture out a bit, and the location was incredible.

Nice view, and a little soggy when the surf comes up!

Can't see the water in this shot, but it was there!

SERIOUSLY - This is the boat that brings
the fish to the restaurant!

And here's the fish, boiled with lots of yummy veggies

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