Sunday, January 18, 2015

Some Good News, Some Bad News, Some Sad News, and Some Happy News

The Good News.  After the homeless people who were in our blog last week had a couple of BIG fires in the deserted house they moved into, the powers that be decided it was time to tear down the house.
I wonder if they think this is an improvement....
At least nobody can live in this!
The Bad News.  We thought, at least we won't have homeless people on our street anymore.  As it turns out they just moved across the street.  I SO wish I could have taken a picture of the six or so men literally sprawled out on the sidewalk sleeping as we were walking home last night.  Craig has befriended them and bought them all lunch yesterday.
At least they make their bed and clean their room
before they leave for the day!

The Sad News.  After the fires, some department took the children and mother and placed them in some government faciity.  That probably is good news, but I worry that they will be out on the street again soon, and worry that wherever they end up there won't be a gentle, kindly man who will give them food and coins and make them feel important, like Craig always did for them.  We have found out more about them which also makes me sad.  The little girl whose picture we showed last week does not beg with her mother - that is her aunt.  Her mother died, and she mostly takes care of the little 2-year old who we often saw her with.  Her father and a 13-year-old brother are some of the ones who sleep on our street.  I will have a hard time when I get back in the US being patient with kids who are well cared for saying, "It's not fair."  Yeah, life isn't.  We are so blessed.

The Happy News.  We went to the baptism on Friday night of a couple who has come SO SO SO far.  I always hesitate to give too much personal information, but lets just say they have been wanting to be baptized for months but have been working to overcome some situations that would be too much for most people.  One of the things that I have loved most about being on a mission is seeing investigators show up for church for the first time in teeny tank tops and short shorts, and bit by bit each week they start dressing a little more modestly and shining a little more.  The husband came to church today with a suit on, and the wife was in a beautiful, modest dress and looked like an angel.  While we are not able to teach much, it is a blessing to be on the periphery and see first hand the visible, physical changes that the Atonement can make in the lives of people who embrace it.  

We are blessed to be in the True Church, and honored to be able to serve a mission.

Our love to all!

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  1. Hooray for a baptism! I'll make sure I never complain about life not being fair around you...