Saturday, January 24, 2015

Temple Prep and Water

No, not related, except that you have to be baptized in water before you start preparing to go to the Temple!

This morning we were invited to be part of a four-hour seminar to prepare early converts to go to the temple.  It was in another ward in our Stake, and it was really well done.  I just shared my testimony of the temple, but Craig taught a class to five different groups.  Even though it was our p-day and we had to get up earlier than a normal day (6 a.m.), I was really happy to be a part of it and grateful that so many could benefit from my husband's knowledge and testimony.  There were some very sweet, humble new converts there and we enjoyed getting to know them.
While not exactly the temple, there was an unusually
reverent feeling in the building, thanks to so much
preparation and faith
 This is the man and his wife who were in charge of it, and they really did think of so many details - they had people put covers over their shoes as they entered the building so that the cleaning and preparation that they had done since 10 yesterday morning until it began (through the night!) would not be quickly undone.  
Very sweet couple - I hope they were able to sleep the
rest of the day!!!
No matter how much they clean and how well they plan, there are always some uninvited guests!!!
We'll take the lizard on the ceiling since it came in
the ONLY small room with an AC!  :)

As for water - we don't have any!!!!  A block from an ocean full of water, and we have none coming into our apartment!!!  We are in our fourth day of having water in our pipes for about 30 minutes a day.  We learned after the first day (when only one of us had water in the shower - sorry, Craig!) to get in and out of the shower fast!  We had company for dinner one day this week and had NO water while preparing or cleaning up - good thing we have stored lots of bottles of water!!!  I only thought my kitchen was inconvenient before - from now on I will be content with everything else if I can just have water!

All love to all!

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