Friday, March 6, 2015

Change of Plans

Every Transfer Day during our Mission I would joke with the missionaries that I was able to keep the same companion and stay in the same area.  Well, that has changed - don't worry, I still get to have the same companion!  But the poor guy has had excruciating health issues, and last week when Craig could not conceal it from our Mission President, the Mission President contacted the physician over all of the missionaries in South America.  After a few conversations with Craig he basically mandated that we come home until we can find out what the problem is.  That was on Sunday.  On Monday we got an email at 2:00 saying we would fly out 24 hours later.  Not only did we need to pack and close down our apartment, but we needed to take care of things in the office.  To say this was a whirlwind 36 hours is a mega understatement!  

We were obviously not able to say good-bye to very many people, which made us sad, but the few who we did were so painful - it's probably better for us that we had to leave fast!

Saying good-bye to my two Brazilian Angels
was so painful - my eyes still hurt from crying!
I love you Tatiana and Ivy!!!
Craig's pain was so extreme that we were SO nervous about him being on planes for 24 hours.  The Lord blessed him, and his pain level did not get above a 5 throughout our travels - the first time he had gone 24 hours without being over a 10.  Sure enough, a few hours after getting home it started again and he was back to suffering.  He had a good medical exam this morning, and has some tests tomorrow.  I will update this as soon as we know anything definitive, including if our mission is terminated or just on hold.  (We wouldn't go back to Brazil, but maybe finish elsewhere.)

In the meantime, as long as it was this fast, we just decided to show up at the house without letting anyone know.  Yeah, they were surprised...
Not who Becky expected to see when she
opened the door!!!

Oh - SOOO nice to start reconnecting with my babies!!!
(Heather was in SLC - we have not gone to Montana!!!)
 We have learned so much through this experience.  The main thing is that the Lord is in charge.  We only think we are!  We are not sure what is next, but will update when we know.

Our Love to All!

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