Sunday, May 10, 2015

Back Out in the Field!

I would imagine that anyone who has the slightest interest in checking this blog already knows that we are now back out "in the field."  After a 2-month wait (delay?) we were assigned to the Florida Orlando Mission to be MLS (Member Leadership Support) Missionaries.  More on that assignment next week (once we find out exactly what we'll be doing!).  Interestingly, we are replacing a couple who has spent half their mission in this ward as MLS missionaries, who are now in the office! In the "world," common sense would say to switch places with us, as that is where we are comfortable, and they have said they are not.  But that is not how it works in the Church, and I am sure in the future we will be able to look back and know why they are there and we are here.

Another interesting thing is that my dear Uncle, Karl Lyman, was the first Mission President of the Florida Orlando Mission!  So special for me!

After getting his kidney stones taken care of, while awaiting our call, in addition to visiting with each of our children, Craig and I:

Had in our home a few of the AWESOME Fortaleza Missionaries who are in Provo.
We love you, and all the others still serving!

Went to Yosemite - Sadly, not pictured is the bear that was 20 feet away from us when we turned the corner while hiking in a remote location!
One of my two favorite places to vacation
as a child

Spent time in Monterey.
The other favorite.  Not pictured, the whales and seals we saw!

THEN said good-bye (again!)
So painful!
Craig vetoed this...  :(

On our way, we stopped and saw my awesome brother and wife (but didn't get a picture...) and some Church Historical Sites and some Temples!
Winter Quarters Temple - It was Monday so it was closed.  :(
The Visitor Center Area connected to the Temple.
Nashville Temple - Closed for cleaning :(
Kansas City Temple - We were able to do a session.
So beautiful!
Atlanta Temple - We did ordinances here too.
Darn - We (I!) look bigger than the temple!

We arrived in Orlando in time for a family event at what is now "our" temple!
With two of my sisters!
Beautiful grounds - I will spare you the other 20 pictures!

We are glad to be here, and will give details soon.  We are anxious to get to work!!!

The Church is True!  Our Love to All!


  1. Hooray for starting the final (maybe?) leg of your mission! Glad I got to be with you last weekend.

  2. Yay for blogging again! Love the pictures! Sorry some of the temples were closed. They are all so beautiful.