Sunday, May 17, 2015

Our Home and the Temple

This week we have been meeting with Ward and Mission Leaders, and learning how we can be of the most benefit while we are here.  We will spend the bulk of our time visiting the less active, and hopefully infusing in the ward members a testimony of Home and Visiting Teaching, both of which are currently below 15%.  We have met some very sweet people, and look forward to serving them and getting to know others.  The ward does not have photos in their online directory, so we are taking pictures as we visit to expedite that.

We had the opportunity to go with the ward on Friday Night and help clean the Orlando Temple.  They have a different ward come in each night at 9:30 and clean for a couple hours.  Some of the wards are a few hours away, so this is much more of an ordeal for them than us, as we are about 30 minutes away.  It was a very meaningful experience, and we were so glad that we could participate.

Also this week, we have finished getting the last little necessities for our apartment.  It is a lovely, quiet, functional home, and we are very comfortable here.  Here are a few pictures:
Our screened-in patio opens to a pond with a lovely fountain.

You can't see it, but there is a DISHWASHER!   Sure beats our little apt in
Fortaleza, where we didn't even have hot water in the TEENY kitchen!  

Very simple, but perfect for our needs!
We are so happy to be missionaries again, and just hope we can know how best to use our time while we are here.

The Gospel is True!  Our love to all.

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