Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fathers and Weather

Hum - There is probably a way to connect those two subjects, but I won't try!

First Fathers!  If there are any Fathers reading this today, June 21, Happy Father's Day!  I loved the emphasis in our last General Conference on the importance of Families!  Having been only 12 when my father died, and having raised my own children for many years in a home without a father, I have a very strong testimony of the importance of fathers in the home, and will be eternally grateful for those wonderful men who stepped in and were Father Figures for me, and then for my children, and for all those around us who are, for whatever reason, fatherless.  I am honored to be married to one of those great men.

Hurricane Season has started in Florida.  While there has not been a bonafide hurricane in our area, we have had torrential rain, which makes us wonder how much worse it is going to get!

When the rain is coming down by the bucketload and the windshield wipers can't begin to keep up, we have started to just pull into the closest parking lot.  Imagine my sorrow after spending an hour parked in a Taco Bell parking lot in an unfamiliar city yesterday, to later realize had we gone through one more light we would have been in a mall parking lot!  Oh well...
Really scary driving conditions!!!

You can't see the rain well, but can see the effects of the wind!

But, of course, the rain makes our area so beautiful!
This is our view on our walking trail!  SOOO pretty!

We continue to TRY to find people whose names are on our ward list.  We have determined that some people will finally open the door and confront us after realizing we are not going to stop trying!  Then they realize we are really quite nice.  Some of the people we are working with are progressing, others are a little pokier.  We just want them to know how much Heavenly Father loves them, and that they are missed and needed!

The Gospel is True!  We love you all!

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