Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tragic Story and "Gone With The Wind" Trees

Craig and I spoke in Church today (in English no less :)) - We were so happy to be able to share our experiences with and testimonies of Home and Visiting Teaching.  It made us think of all the WONDERFUL people who have blessed our lives in that capacity.

Along those lines, the Sister Missionaries told us what had happened with one of the families that we are trying unsuccessfully to meet with here.  The mother was born and raised in the Church.  Not sure about the father.  The mother faithfully took her two sons to church every week.  When they were teenagers they said, "Mom, nobody cares if we go to church or not.  Can we make a deal with you?  Let us stay home for 2 months.  If anyone calls to check on us, or asks about us, we will keep going to church.  but if they don't, can we quit going?"  The mother agreed - I can only assume she thought surely someone would notice / care.  Nobody did.  Not only did the boys "get" to stay home, but the mother felt so badly that no one cared about her sons that she is now also inactive and won't even meet with us.  I know nobody reads this blog to get assignments, but PLEASE "notice" if members of your classes, or your Home or Visiting Teaching families are not at church, and let them know you missed and love them!

We live in a suburb of Orlando, and it is such a lush area.  A stone's throw from our apartment is a pathway we walk most mornings that is surrounded on either side with foliage that is incredibly thick with plants and animals - more on those another day.  But one of the things that we see all over that I love are these "hanging moss" trees.  I feel like I'm on the set of "Gone With The Wind" when we drive or walk through them.
I hope you can see the hanging moss clearly!

We are happy to be here serving the Lord.  The Church is true!  We love you all!

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