Sunday, June 7, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

This week we switched P-Days so we could have our "day off" be yesterday, on my birthday.  I was pampered by my awesome husband and sweetly remembered by my children and other family members.  One of my dear nieces texted,  "I hope you have a wonderful day and that everyone you invite comes to Church tomorrow!"  Truly, there is nothing that a missionary would rather have on his/her birthday --- and that wish came true!!!  In addition to a few others, this lovely man joined us today!!!  He and his wife were baptized in 1979 in California and were active for about a year, but then just stopped going to Church.  When they moved here to Orlando in 1998 he came to a Sacrament Meeting once, but nobody talked with him and he hasn't gone back.  Until today!!!  He was touched, and feels very recommitted and we have some lessons set up with him.  HURRAH FOR REACTIVATION WORK!  The only thing better is to never have members fall away, so PLEASE make sure you always welcome everyone you see at Church!  :)
He was warmly welcomed by many today!
Craig thinks he looks and acts like a Bishop!  I agree!
We were reminded this week once again of how blessed we are to live on the earth when technology is so advanced, as we enjoyed being able to watch the wonderful funeral of the dear Elder L. Tom Perry.  Such a great funeral for an amazing man.  We love you, Barbara!

The Church is True!  We LOVE being missionaries, and love all of you!

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  1. So happy my birthday wish to you came true!! You and Craig are so wonderful to serve and I'm sure the people there can feel your genuine love and testimony.