Sunday, August 23, 2015

Craig's Birthday

Those of you who know me well know that I believe in relaxing and having fun on birthdays; even my own.  I tried so hard to plan Craig's birthday to be fun, relaxing and indulging.  Didn't happen.  In the spirit of "doing whatever you want" on his birthday (which fortunately was also our P-Day) Craig chose and did the following:

Took a Fruit Shake to Mimi - That was the first
thing (after exercise and studying) that he
wanted to do, bless his heart!

He INSISTED on going shopping to make sure we
were ready for the week.  (I didn't feel like a stalker or
anything taking a picture of a man coming out of
Costco.  Hahaha!  And he was SO confused why I
would do that!)

So this was a compromise - he wanted to take
me dress shopping.  I knew a quick kitchen gadget
would be faster - even at Williams Sonoma!!!

FINALLY - something for HIM.
OK - I ate half of them.  YUM!!!

I was able to do one TINY thing - make a dessert
for him: Angel Food Cake, Lemon Pudding
(from scratch, of course) and whip cream.
Fellow The-Only-True-Dessert-is-Chocolate
Friends: I have to say this is quite yummy!
Lest you think we are totally unhealthy, let me clarify that except for the onion rings and dessert, the rest of our food that day was totally healthy!   Thanks for all the calls, texts, emails and cards!

Craig truly is such a Christ-like, giving, loving person - even on his birthday he focused most of the day on other people!  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful mission companion and husband!

The Church is True, and we are Grateful to be Missionaries!  We Love You All!

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