Sunday, August 16, 2015

Always Something Different

The week before last we found out that a father of a sweet family in our ward who works out of state had decided to stay out of state, and not return ever again to his family.  Having lost my father when I was 12, and having watched my children become fatherless as well, I could relate to some of the feelings the young girls in the family might be having.  I thought about the many, many things that relatives and ward members did for me, then for my kids, and we decided the best thing we could do for them was try to provide a day where the kids could laugh and be free of sadness for just one day.  They are from Sierra Leone, and do not have the means to do much more than survive, so we gave them a variety of choices of fun things to do, and they chose SeaWorld.  Fortunately, our Mission President didn't have a problem letting us take them, and even more fortunately, one of our dear missionaries from Fortaleza works at SeaWorld now and was able to score discounts for us!  We hope they had a happy day - they seemed to.  It ended up being a nice little break for us too!

(The tower isn't leaning - the picture is!)

LOVED the Shamu show - though I think this was her cousin!

The next day we took a young man from our ward to a Workshop that the LDS Employment Center in Orlando was putting on.  This young man is the only member in his family, and has zero support from home, and is trying so hard to work his way through school, but has not been able to get a job.  The LDS Employment Center does wonderful work, and he had a successful second interview with a potential employer later in the week, so here's hoping!

Craig was also able to give several blessings this week - the Sister Missionaries in our Zone really love him and are comfortable asking him for help and blessings.  We are so grateful to do whatever we can to encourage and support them - they are very hard working, and like most female members of the Church get a little discouraged feeling like they aren't doing enough!  I didn't realize such feelings that so many of us have, started so young!  :( 

We have been really excited that more and more of the people we have been visiting and trying to reactivate are coming to Church.  Of course, there's always more to do, and we will continue to try to find and love every last one!

The Gospel is True; We Are Honored to Serve as Missionaries!  We Love You! 

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  1. I love this! What a blessing you are to all those you are serving. Thank you so much for sharing your happenings! We love you!!