Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Sad and Lonely

We are still working on the list of 200+ family units who nobody in the ward knows, who our local Bishop asked us to find.  (The result of years of low home and visiting teaching.) Lots of sad stories, as well as people who seem to have never really had a testimony to begin with.  Sprinkled in between those are our "regulars," who we go visit when we can't handle any more rejections or people pretending they're not home (which makes it REALLY hard to verify anything!)

One of the many widows we visit weekly is Mimi.  She is 86 and lives alone with her cat and lots of physical reminders of the past.  She and her husband were the first couple sealed in the Orlando Temple, and were workers there for years.  She had a stroke a few years ago so she can't walk, but she is very independent and pushes herself around her house in a little desk chair with wheels on it.  (A wheelchair would not be able to make its way through the house...)  Despite her condition, she is always so happy to see us and upbeat and pleasant.  
Our Dear Friend, Mimi Johnson
When we went to see her on Saturday she did not display her usual Southern Charm, and admitted to not feeling well.  She said she wasn't sick, but just blue because not one person had come to see her all week - she hadn't even had one phone call.  We haven't missed a weekly visit with her since arriving in Orlando, but since it was already Saturday she was beginning to think even we weren't going to come.  She hadn't eaten for a few days, but she enjoyed the strawberry shake and cookies we brought her!  (We should be healthier, but at that age, why not?  :) )   I know everyone is so busy.  I know how little I used to visit when I was doing my 60-hour work weeks.  But if you have time this week to give even a quick call to someone who may be lonely, just know you might be the only person who calls them all week!

We miss a lot of things about Utah, but have found a few things here that help us get through those extra hard days!  
Chocolate cake donut, filled with chocolate cream,
topped with chocolate icing and chocolate chips!
Don't worry - this is not a daily occurrence!
We love being missionaries!  The Gospel is True!  We Love You All!!!

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  1. Such a good reminder to remember those who may be forgotten. My heart goes out to sweet Mimi. THANK YOU!!