Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Couple Points to Ponder

We have been thinking about a couple of points that Elder Hymas made last weekend at our Stake Conference, and want to pass them on for you to ponder as well.

The first is about arriving at Sacrament Meeting on time.  He said that when he was a Bishop he would try to get his ward members to arrive at church not just on time, but a bit early to prepare for the Sacrament.  He said, "I knew they were able to get to work on time.  I knew they were able to get to school on time.  Why not Sacrament Meeting?"  He said that their ward had a go-cart activity on a Saturday morning, and when he arrived early for the event, his entire ward was there, having started to get in line a half hour early for the free go-cart fun.  Humorous, but not really...

The other point he made that we wanted to share had to do with teaching our children to feel the promptings of the Holy Ghost.  He said that he was in a training where a General Authority said that the most important thing we can do as parents in the Church is teach our children to recognize those promptings.  He tearfully said that he stopped and thought about the hours spent teaching his children to throw a ball, or do math, or improve their skill on a musical instrument, and how insignificant those were in comparison.  Of course, as he talked, Craig and I each pondered the same thing in respect to our own children and realize we neither one made teaching that a priority like we should have.  To our children, we apologize and hope you do better than we did.  (Of course, you do in most areas, so why not this?)  Hopefully we can all work on this.

We have had some setbacks with several of the people with whom we regularly visit.  We try so hard, but can only do so much as they struggle with temptations.  As Jessie says, "Satan is the worst."  We will keep doing what we can to convince them that our Heavenly Father loves them no matter what, and that the Atonement CAN and DOES include them and their issues.  I wish we could infuse our testimonies in them, but we can't.  We are doing our best...

So I imagine the pictures of clouds are getting a little old, and I wasn't going to include one this week, but we happened to be visiting a less-active gentleman at sunset who lives by a pond; how could I not share this???

The Gospel is true.  We are blessed to know that and be able to devote a few months proclaiming that.  We love you!

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