Sunday, November 1, 2015


...In addition to the call for the mission we are now serving ---  We have already received a call for our next mission: we are going to serve in the Preston England Temple for one year; leaving in June!  I told the kids who are living in our house to watch for the call, and unfortunately it came while we were in the middle of a lesson!  They waited (we think!) until we could get home to Skype, but it took us a while to finish the visit and get home.

A few snapchats to hurry us home!

It may seem strange to get a call while we are still out, but there is method behind our madness:
  1. When we got married, Craig wanted to go on "5 or 6 or however-long-we-are-healthy missions."  I told him I would do two, and then we would see...  I like filling my commitments quickly!
  2. We need the kids to stay in the house while we are on missions, and it might get a little cozy in the house if we are home for an undefined period of time.  If they move out they would likely not be in a position to move back in once we left again.
  3. We are going to sell the Provo house after our missions, and get our own home, and we don't want to buy a house, set it up, and leave it empty.
  4. After this MLS mission, we really want a temple mission because when you are doing work in the temple you don't know if people are rejecting your message or not, and we are ready for fewer obvious rejections!  
  5. The guidelines for temple missions request 9-months-in-advance applications.
  6. It's complicated, but because one of us is not a true Senior, the health insurance ramifications are simpler and cheaper this way.
Anyway - we are excited!!!  
Becky took this screen shot while skyping as she read
WHERE we were going!
(And yes, this is Craig's super excited face!  :) )

I have to share a funny Halloween story.  Yesterday Craig was in the grocery store and a little 4-year old boy in a monkey costume rounded the aisle and looked him up and down, and then ran to his dad.  A minute later the dad came up and said to Craig, "My son says you have a great Halloween costume - you are dressed as a missionary!"  Craig laughed and assured him it was not a costume.  The family lives in a neighboring stake, so they didn't recognize Craig, but we are glad the little boy recognizes a missionary, as they are few and far between here!

So, I'm switching it up - instead of a sunset, here is a sunrise.  Just when the days were short enough that we were out and about as the sun was coming up, the time changed... Not sure we will see sunrises as often now, but we were blessed with this lovely sunrise!
Taken at our Chapel - A blessing of going to an early
Ward Council Meeting last week!
The Gospel is true!  We are blessed to be missionaries.  We love you all!

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