Sunday, October 4, 2015

Isn't Conference so wonderful!

I feel like writing anything after the amazing talks that we have just heard this weekend is a little like a well-meaning (but mis-guided) person who is conducting a meeting where there is a visiting Authority, who gets up after the Authority speaks and adds his two cents.  (So wrong and so awkward!)

Before Conference started on Saturday Craig and I completed the Book of Mormon during our scripture reading.  We had not planned it that way, but it was a beautiful way to welcome in Conference.  I was so overcome with the powerfulness of the book, and love for it, and a testimony of it that I could not take my turns reading during the last two chapters, but wept while Craig finished.  (I know that will be very hard for my kids to picture!)  We are so grateful to Moroni, Mormon, Alma, Nephi, Ether, and all the others who diligently kept the record so we could have the Other Testament of Christ.

Then Conference - There is nothing we can say that would be deserving of the experience of watching Conference except to again say how grateful we are for the leaders who spend their lives in the service of God, for our benefit.  And what great advice.  We feel recommitted and are anxious to be able to watch again today, then will read and re-read, and re-listen to all of it for the next six months.  We have used so many talks from last Conference as we have visited with our less active friends, and heard such great advice that we will be able to share in the coming months, as well as use to improve our own lives.

On a worldly note:  Last week a darling Sister Missionary with whom we served in Fortaleza, who now works for Disney, took us to Epcot.  It was our first time there, and just like in real life, we pretty much ate our way through Europe!  Thanks, Sister Egbert!

Inside the very authentic, very delicious German Buffet.
So fun to eat to live yodelers and songs done with
cow-bells!  Brought back some fond childhood memories!

I had about 6 great sky photos this week - Can't resist sharing!
The Gospel is True!  We are so blessed to live when it is upon the earth!  We are grateful that we can share our Testimonies of it every day.  We love you all!

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