Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Blessings of Illness

Don't worry - we are neither one ill, but are taking full advantage of another's illness!  There is an adorable couple in our ward - we will call them the Mills.  Perhaps saying they're in our ward is not exactly accurate...  They live within our ward boundaries.  He is a Return Missionary who has been inactive for many many years, and she is the perfect Mormon - she just doesn't know anything about the Church and hasn't been baptized yet.  We have worked so hard just to get into their home.  For every 5 attempts, we have had one visit.  Each visit has gotten progressively more comfortable.  Mrs. Mills had to have a surgery and is basically on bed rest for a month, so I BEGGED them to let us bring meals in.  They consented and we called all those who have been trying to visit them and said, "Hey, the Mills are opening their door every night at 5:30 for someone from the ward."  I was even nervy enough to call the Bishop and say, "I know you are not usually on the Compassionate Service list of people who take meals in, but..."  He was thrilled to do it.  So while we hope that Sister Mills recovers soon, we hope that the awesome conversations and visits that they have had (to say nothing of the good food) will encourage him to come back to church, and her to join.  After praying for five months for a way to penetrate their front door, we are grateful for the well-timed excuse, though very sad that it meant that she has been in pain.  

Once a month the Senior Missionaries in the mission have an activity.  This month we were in charge and we had it yesterday.  Sister Johnson (from Margaret's Stake!) suggested a place that was a PERFECT fit for us!  There is a Chocolate Factory that is centrally located between the 16 couples that lets people have parties where they dip, decorate, and create their own chocolates.  The ingredients are very high quality and this is not a cheap activity, but the owner is LDS and gave us a serious discount, bless him!  So we did that yesterday and the bathroom scales this morning showed more of an increase than the scales of the chocolates when we bought from them.  (How does that work!!!)  But it was fun to have the day mostly off!

The aprons and hats are slenderizing AND flattering!  :)
(Fellow in front left grew up in Montpelier - Terrell Bird!)

How much chocolate can each item hold???
Weirdest thing ever - a few nights ago I woke up to some commotion and lights.  The picture below is from our window - we live in an apartment complex that is in somewhat of a circle, around a little pond.  Well, at 2 a.m. I looked out and got blinded by a well-timed light from a circling helicopter as it passed our window!  I looked down and saw a policeman with a flashlight looking around the bushes below.  The helicopter circled around our parking lot area, light constantly searching for a half hour!  I asked the people in the office the next morning if they could tell us what had happened, and they didn't know anything about it.  (They don't live on the premises.)  I hope they caught whoever it was they were looking for!  And I am glad Craig woke up too and saw the action so I didn't wonder the next day if I had just been dreaming!

Cant resist sharing another amazing sunset!
We are glad to be missionaries, and glad to be together, especially today as we acknowledge (no celebrating to be had today) our third-year anniversary!  The Gospel is true.  Our love to everyone!

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