Sunday, November 15, 2015

Birds, Friends, and Challenging Times

Anyone who has looked at this blog even once in the last several months will know that we have LOVED the beautiful skies here in central Florida.  There are many other things to enjoy here - the flora and fauna, and the BIRDS.  Daily we get to see bluebirds, cardinals, storks, egrets, hawks, great blue herons, scarlet tanagers, etc.  It's awesome being married to an amateur ornithologist - I never knew what a tanager was, but now I chase after them and get so excited when I get a glimpse of one!  I grew up seeing Sandhill Cranes in Roswell, and also saw some in Cokeville; but they are now on the "endangered" list, yet they are ALL OVER here!  Because they are endangered, a driver who hits one is fined $3,000.  I think they know this because they stand at the edge of the road and taunt us as we drive by.  (I should have some Gospel object lesson, but I don't - just wanted to tell you about the birds we enjoy here....)
Sandhill Cranes in our Church Parking lot.

This picture is taken from our apt window!
This funny hawk often watches me while I swim
in the morning for exercise!  (Kinda creepy sometimes.)
This week we got to have lunch with some new friends and some of our oldest friends.  (Well, old in the sense of how long I have known them, not their age!  :) )
The Parrises - We have been helping them in their return
to full activity in the Church!
Margaret and Lynn were visiting their son in Ft Lauderdale;
we both drove two hours to meet half way for an awesome
visit and lunch.  Thanks Daytons!!!!
Because we are Senior Missionaries we are allowed to use the internet for whatever, including checking the news.  We have been heartsick recently at the reaction of so many whose roots are not firmly planted in the Gospel.  We have both felt like the criticisms and frustrations toward the Church are the tip of a very large iceberg, and can only hope and pray that our friends and loved ones can continue to follow the Prophet, even if it may become less easy to do so.

The Gospel is true.  We are so grateful that we know that.  We love being missionaries, and we love you!

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