Sunday, November 22, 2015

Opening Our Mouths

We have had occasion this week to focus some of our teaching opportunities on Elder Schwitzer's recent conference talk.  He suggests that all of the people in the great and spacious building (in Lehi's dream) may not just be the most rebellious, but there may be many "wandering the halls..., not realizing that they are actually becoming part of its culture....   Those who mock often try to drown out the simple message of the gospel by attacking some aspect of the Church."  He encouraged us to not only hold on to the Rod, but to let our voices be heard, declaring what we know is right.

As a culture, we are encouraged to not be argumentative or combative, but as my dear little mother-in-law used to say, "When you see or hear something that is wrong, if you don't say anything, you are giving your approval."

We spent our week in lessons (Gospel and piano), missionary meetings (one of which was a program put on for the missionaries by Marvin Goldstein), running missionaries, going to the temple, feeding people, and more missionary meetings.  Sadly, one of those that we could NOT get out of was during the one and only baptism this ward has had all year!!!!  We had found this family in July and referred them to the missionaries.  We called lots of ward members encouraging them to attend, but I heard that everyone got at least two of the 40 cookies we sent, so sounds like attendance wasn't great.  :(   (I had been told more people were bringing cookies, but I guess they didn't...)

When we went to the temple we took two of our favorite people - sisters who are semi-professional photographers who took pictures of us before.  Here's one:

It had just rained, so the grass was so green!!!

We love these fluffy bushes!  (Yeah - no snow here!)
And our sunset...
The Church is true.  We are so grateful to be missionaries!  Our love to you all!

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