Sunday, January 3, 2016

We Are Home!

Most of the people who read our blog have seen us, or at least heard that we are home.  But I was contacted by a few people who check this blog who were wondering when our mission would end, so in case anyone else looks on this for an update - we are home!  We surprised our kids the week of Christmas.  We are glad to be home, but we miss the people we learned to love in Orlando so much.  We give our reports in our Sacrament Meeting on Sunday, Jan 10, at 1:00.  Here is a tiny glimpse of what we have been doing since our return:

The grandchildren who have been at our house for the better
part of the week!  Missing is one of mine and all of Craig's 13!!!
We try to accommodate as many requests and bodies as possible.
But we are out of practice and get pretty pooped!
We are excited to go out again on our next mission in August, but are glad for a few months to reaquaint ourselves with our families!  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is wonderful, and we are so grateful for our opportunity to help bring others to it.

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