Monday, August 29, 2016


Anyone who might be interested in reading this knows we have arrived in England.  Because we didn't have a farewell, our good-byes stretched out for weeks, each one getting more and more painful.

After being set apart as missionaries, and before flying out of SLC we had a three-day training in the Salt Lake Temple, which was wonderful.  While there, darling Barbara Perry took us, along with Margaret and Lynn, to The Roof one evening.

This is NOT photo-shopped!  Such a beautiful temple!
We had started packing for our time here in England a few weeks before we left "to make sure we got everything."  By the time we got to the last-minute packing, we weren't sure what all had been packed days before.  Somehow, my lovely worn-only-once raincoat (that in Brazil was the subject of snickers and scared glances, as NOBODY wears trench-coat-type raincoats there) got left!  And it would be appropriate and useful here!!!  Fortunately, Marie has shipped it to me.

Hard to believe ANYTHING was left!!!  :)

We had great plans of pictures at the temple and of our "flat," with lots of details for this first entry from England, but we literally hit the ground running with full temple shifts on the day after arrival, and getting our apartment supplied and organized; and have stopped only to try to sleep at the appropriate times.  "Try" being the operative word...  We are working on adjusting to the time and other differences at night.

More later, but for now know that we are glad we are here and able to help with the important work done in the temple.  

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