Sunday, September 11, 2016

"Truth Will Prevail!"

On Monday we had our first day off since arriving here.  We were invited by a lovely couple to go look at some of the Church History sites here in the area.  We had a wonderful day with the Cooks, and in the course of asking where in Provo we lived, discovered that they were very good friends with our very good friends, the Warners!  (The Warners had told us to look them up - I had written their names down with the others I was to watch out for, but hadn't yet reviewed the list since arriving so hadn't connected the name!)  They are the PR representatives for the Church here in all of Great Britain, so were very knowledgeable and entertaining!.  

Our first stop was at a place that Becky and Ryan had told us about from the British Pageant, and Craig had read about in a book that they (Becky and Ryan) had given him, so we were excited to see it.  Here's the story:  When Heber C. Kimball and the 6 brethren traveling with him arrived in England for their mission in 1837, they went straight to Preston, because Joseph Fielding had a brother who was a preacher living in Preston and he had invited them to come preach to his congregation.  (After losing many members to the Mormons, the offer was rescinded!)  They arrived in Preston on Election Day, and recorded that there was such excitement and enthusiasm everywhere.  The coach pulled up to the town center, which was in front of the "Bull and Royal" hotel and as they got off, an election banner with the words, "Truth Will Prevail," unfurled in front of them.  They thought, "Yes, it will!"  

See "Bull and Royal" above my head?  Craig is holding a picture from
the British Pageant that has a banner that says, "Truth Will Prevail."

The picture below was taken at the Preston Town Square where the Brethren preached "by the obelisk."  The obelisk was taken down for a few years, but then put back up, so this is the original one in the original place where Heber C. Kimball and his friends preached.  I will share more about other sites another week.

NOT my best photography!  I was trying to be subtle and still listen!
The Cooks (here with Craig) were our excellent hosts and tour guides.
On the more logistical side of living here, Craig was a good sport and agreed to a picture on our way home from shopping one day (I love my iPad's photo timer!)  You can't really see all our bags, and certainly not our 4-mile round trip walk; and at least we haven't gotten caught in a real downpour - yet!

Don't worry - nobody saw us take this!  :)  It's right by the house
where we stand and watch our Snapchats on a member's wifi!!!

They have tiny watermelons with REALLY tiny seeds!
But they are yummy!

Unlike our other two mission experiences, we can't talk about what we do all day since we are in the temple!  But I can tell you one thing I learned in the temple this week - After working at least an hour a day for two weeks in the clothing rental at the temple someone finally told me to stop asking men what "pant" size they needed.  Men here wear "trousers."  "Pants" are women's unders.  Now you know.  

We are reminded daily of our Heavenly Father's love for and knowledge of each one of us.  We are blessed to be serving here.

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