Sunday, September 4, 2016


I think the clocks here in England run faster than the ones at home - I cannot believe that it's been a week since our last (first) post from here!

Before arriving, we were under the impression that the temple, stake center, MTC, and housing all shared a parking lot..  The configuration is a bit different - the apartment building for the temple workers shares a parking lot with the MTC, the temple patron housing, and a building that houses a Distribution Center and Family History Center.  We have a lovely 5-minute walk up to the temple each day.  
See the spire above the arch?

We are surrounded by lovely hills and a cute little village. (Chorley)  We have had some nice walks in the fields and some long shopping treks!  All without a camera.  I will repent.  We feel very safe here - our biggest danger is not looking the correct way before entering an intersection!  We are not in the habit of having to first check oncoming traffic from the right.

Most of our temple work thus far has been training (especially for me), but we have had some very meaningful experiences which we, of course, cannot share.  But we are glad we are here.  We have met some amazing people who are such examples to us, who we will post about over the next few weeks.  Once we have photos of them to share.  We are definitely the rookies here!  But we are happy to be serving and doing what we can.  The Gospel is true, and Temple Work is inspiring and fulfilling.
Our new favorite place to be! 


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    1. I'm glad to see a few pictures and read updates! (This is Sara, btw)