Sunday, November 13, 2016


The last two weeks we talked about the temple workers and patrons collectively.  There are so many individuals who are amazing who we have learned to love and admire.  One of them is Sister Heevey.  She is probably in her 50s, and is severely crippled with cerebral palsy.  One arm is completely incapacitated, she walks with great difficulty and her speech is quite impaired.  Yet she comes as a patron, by herself, about once every other week for several hours.  This week we learned that she takes four trains and one bus to get to the temple.  It breaks my heart to think of her struggling through the train stations by herself - getting from one short distance to another is so hard for her.  She is pleasant and loving and always grateful for the help that we are able to give her once she is in the temple.  We hope we can remember the sacrifices that some people make to do what is so easy for us to do.

On Monday we went with our good friends, the Galbraiths, on a drive to a little remote corner of the Yorkshire Moors.  The Fall colors have definitely peaked, but the countryside is still so beautiful.  We are really enjoying and soaking up our surroundings!

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