Saturday, November 26, 2016


Last week's entry was a little long, so we'll keep it short this week!

As Thanksgiving approached, we found ourselves quite homesick.  Even more than Christmas, Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and we both definitely missed ours! Fortunately, the MTC President invited the Temple Missionary couples from the US to join the MTC missionaries for Thanksgiving Dinner.  We were invited to come early and watch the live devotional from the Provo MTC with Elder Anderson.  We soaked it all up and realized how much we miss associating with the young Elders and Sisters.  We assumed when we came here that we could be of assistance at the MTC, since their front door is a stone's throw (thrown by Craig, not me!) from our front door, but we have been told not to enter the building or interact with the missionaries, other than a passing greeting.  We loved being able to visit with them, and it eased our homesickness.  Additionally, the chef in the temple cafeteria made a special Thanksgiving Dinner for us US Missionaries as well.  He was so stressed, and it was so sweet and quite yummy!  I guess that happens to a lot of missionaries - two Thanksgiving Dinner appointments in one day, right?  :)

The sister next to me is from China; the sister next to Craig is from Albania.  Both arrived the day before!!!!

I never pass the MTC without picturing two of my favorite
people serving there as the first presidents of the MTC here
in Preston.  Seeing their picture made me so happy!

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  1. I loved seeing the Robison's picture...they were my MTC Mission President and Wife - they were SO dear! Love reading this blog Aunt Cindy...thank you for sharing!