Sunday, December 4, 2016


We have mentioned some groups and individuals who make big efforts to get to the temple.  Last week we interacted with a new variety of temple attenders.  We have been working in the Baptistry, which is the best.  It's just the two of us in a self-contained, sacred area and we love it.  One of the first groups who came when we first started working in that area was a large family - parents with seven children and two friends.  They had come from Belfast on the overnight ferry.  The father mentioned (in context to a story) how much it cost to come and that they hadn't had money to eat dinner on the ferry the night before because it was so expensive.  I asked the mother how long it had taken for them to get here, and with tears in her eyes she said, "20 years."  Very humbling...

We have heard from several people that, according to letters home and blogs, it looks like some Senior Missionary Couples spend most of their time playing.  We don't.  It's just that we can't post pictures or talk about what we do MOST of the time, but can share details of what we do on our time off!  This week has been really busy - Craig worked in the temple 8-9 hours most days, sometimes with no break to eat or put his feet up.  (There are more female workers, so I generally have only 7-hour days.)  Usually on our days off (Sunday and Monday) we catch up on sleep, communications, cleaning, and shopping (which means long walks).  But last weekend we took a little trip to York with another couple from the US.  While we did not see the Noble Duke, we had a great time.

York Minster - built in the early 1200s. Amazing!

Craig with the Days on The Shambles
(Used to be messy street with butcher shops - where the expression "shambles" comes from)

Originally built by the Romans in the 3rd and 4th century, and maintained and updated
through the 13th century, this wall still goes around most of the city.
One of the gates into the city, built in 13th century.

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